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Moon Boy |

Moon Boy is possibly the most underappreciated yet beautifully illustrated manga/manhwa out there. It tells the story of Myung-ee Joo, a boy-obsessed teenage girl who finds out that she is an “Earth Rabbit”—a member of a race of rabbits who fled to the earth when their home, the moon, was attacked by the fox tribe. Her life turns upside down when she finds out a boy she used to know named Yu-Da is the Black Rabbit, another member of the Rabbit Tribe whose liver is rumored to grant whoever eats it immortal life. He’s currently being watched by a group of foxes posing as the student council at her school—Chi-in, a sickly pacifist who wishes to get rid of the war between the rabbits and foxes; Jin-Soo, the badass brains of the operation who is ready to roundhouse kick anyone who insults Chi-in with her fashionable leopard print boots; and Sa-Eun, the incredibly handsome yet horribly crude chain smoker who “pretends” to be Yu-Da’s best friend. 

All of my feels for this series, oh my god. I was trying to write that description without giving away anything because I want you all to read it. It’s so perfect it hurts, and it needs more fans, it really deserves it.

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    let this series ruin you i wrote this almost two years ago and it still is true
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    I thought I was the only one who read this! ; u ;
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    Yes, why the hell do people not even know this one? It’s really quite good. I bought the whole series and completely...
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